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Ledebouria cooperi, a tiny spring-flowering bulb native to South Africa. It is seldom over 75mm high when in flower, though the  Las Ledebourias cooperi son plantas caducifolias, que pierden las hojas y entran en reposo durante la estación seca (usualmente el invierno en las regiones  2018年7月9日 百合科油点百合属库珀油点花Ledebouria cooperi (责任编辑:徐晔春). 上一篇:单 花雪星韭Tristagma uniflorum; 下一篇:白紫油点花Ledebouria  Ledebouria revoluta (Hyacinthaceae: Hyacinthoideae), used widely as an ethnomedicinal in southern previously isolated from Ledebouria cooperi (Hook . f.)  南非油點百合類迷你品種群生裸根寄出數量有多,歡迎聊聊詢問購買『綠意小品』 Ledebouria cooperi 油點百合多肉植物. Genre : Ledebouria Esp ce : cooperi. Famille : Hyacinthaceae joli feuillage linéaire, vert foncé zebéré de pourpre.

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Home; Standards . PP1 - Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products; PP2 - Good Plant Protection Practice; PP3 - Environmental Risk Assessment of Plant 1 Ledebouria cooperi bulb Please, note: - Plants will be shipped bare root. - Plants may look different from the listing picture as their appearance may change depending on time of the year and growing conditions. For example, Sempervivum and Orostachys tend to shrink in size in winter while Ledebouria cooperi là một loài thực vật có hoa trong họ Măng tây. Loài này được (Hook.f.) Jessop mô tả khoa học đầu tiên năm 1970. Chú thích Liên kết ngoài. Phương tiện liên quan tới -May be shipped as bare root bulbs thru April- A striking foliage plant with about 12" long leaves, irregularly flecked maroon.

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Ledebouria socialis grow and care – herbaceous geophyte succulent of the genus Ledebouria also known as Silver Squill, Ledebouria socialis perennial evergreen used as ornamental drought tolerant plant, can grow in mediterranean, subtropics climate or as houseplant and growing in hardiness zone 10-12. An Ledebouria cooperi in uska species han Liliopsida nga syahan ginhulagway ni Joseph Dalton Hooker, ngan ginhatag han pagkayana nga asya nga ngaran ni John Peter Jessop.An Ledebouria cooperi in nahilalakip ha genus nga Ledebouria, ngan familia nga Asparagaceae. Ledebouria cooperi is very easy to maintain in cultivation. It will often proliferate and spread under ideal conditions.

Ledebouria cooperi

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Ledebouria cooperi

Ledebouria cooperi. Groen wonen met Planten & Bloemen · Cyathea cooperi tree fern HARDYAMO LOS CACTUS Y CRASAS · Scilla socialis (=Ledebouria socialis) - Pot 6 cm  Codiaeum variegatum 'Sunny Star'. Krusadromiskus. Adromischus cooperi Syrenviva. Primula malacoides. Syskonstjärna.

Ledebouria cooperi

Ideal for troughs. LEDEBOURIA COOPERI WHOLE 2BH6X90E5P Other General Names 22: Identifiers 4: Related Substances 1: LEDEBOURIA COOPERI WHOLE 2BH6X90E5P Other Approval Year Unknown. 73655. Name Type Language; LEDEBOURIA COOPERI WHOLE: Sources: Common … A just plain pretty plant with lance-shaped, prominently dark purple pinstriped foliage. Produces racemes of mid-pink flowers, quite floriferous. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Ledebouria Species, Cooper’s African Hyacinth, Cooper's Ledebouria, Striped Squill, Zebra's Quill (Ledebouria cooperi) supplied by me Noteworthy Characteristics. Ledebouria cooperi, commonly called Cooper’s false squill, is a bulbous perennial native to wetland margins, moist grasslands, and other marshy habitats in southern Africa, mainly in eastern South Africa, Lesotho, and Eswatini.Mature plants can reach 6-10" tall and will slowly form small colonies through offsets, filling a 12" area.
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Den örtartade fleråriga bulbous växten Ledebouria anses vara en medlem av familjen Liliaceae. Den har en ganska Ledeburia cooper (Ledebouria cooperi). Förutom offentlig ledeburia inom inomhus blomsterodlingskultur kan du också hitta Cooper (Ledebouria cooperi) och gul ledeburia (Ledebouria luteola). Förutom den offentliga ledeburien i kulturen inom inomhusblomsterbruket, kan du också hitta Cooper Ledeburia (Ledebouria Cooperi) och Ledeburia Yellow  Förutom Ledeburia-allmänheten inom kulturen inom blomsterodling inomhus kan du också hitta Ledebouria cooperi och Ledebouria luteola. Ledeburia  Ledebouria cooperi is a very common and widespread species. It is distributed across all the provinces in South Africa and neighbouring states.

Ledebouria cooperi (Cooper's False Scilla) is an attractive bulbous plant with narrow, olive-green leaves that grow up to 10 inches (25 cm) long. Media in category "Ledebouria cooperi" The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. Ledebouria cooperi - Flickr - peganum (1).jpg 2,448 × 3,264; 1.25 MB Everything you need to know about Cooper's African Hyacinth (Ledebouria cooperi), including propagation, ideal conditions and common pests and problems. Ledebouria cooperi ( Bluebell ) Bulbous perennial that is semi-evergreen. Linear to oval, dark green, basal leaves are distinguished by purple stripes.
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Ledebouria cooperi

Flowers are clustered along the main flower stalk. They are bright pink, star-shaped and produced in spring or early summer. Ledebouria cooperi, or Zebra’s Quill, features narrow, olive-green leaves with dark purple striping. In early spring, the clumps are adorned with miniature, rosy pink, scilla-like racemes.

Complete name: Ledebouria cooperi (Hook.f.) Jessop  syn. Scilla cooperi Ledebouria cooperi heeft lange smalle, paars gestreepte olijfgroene bladeren met paarsroze bloemen. Ledebouria cooperi mit seinen so markanten olivgrünen Blättern und glockenförmigen Blüten ist eine besondere Pflanze. Alles zu Standort, Pflege und Gießen.
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General information about Ledebouria cooperi (SLLCO) EPPO Global Database. Go! advanced search Login. Register. Toggle navigation.

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1865, or Edward Cooper (b 1877), writer on orchids, or Ledebouria cooperi (Cooper's False Scilla) is an attractive bulbous plant with narrow, olive-green leaves that grow up to 10 inches (25 cm) long. Ledebouria cooperi. Name of observer: Sasa Malan .